The Importance Of Creativity In Education

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“Never let formal education get in the way of your learning,” said Mark Twain. In the several years of my schooling formal education has been a major downfall in my learning and creativity. At a young age schooling in the 21st century gradually removes creative skills away from children, teaching them what this generation perceives to be successful. In my opinion, I find this to be false, because those who still hold on to their creativity through the many years of their education grow to be more successful. Success is not always defined as wealth or materialistic things. My definition of success is doing the things that you love which may eventually lead to success in the future. If you are in a career field you do not care for the chances of your success are not likely because you are not doing something you love, which will not influence you to strive for more. One of my strengths in education is creativity, to an extent, and my ability to think for myself. In “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” by Sir Ken Robinson he speaks about creativity being torn away from the minds of children at a young age forcing them to think like everyone else. In this video, he explains that the mother of a young woman by the name of Gillian Lynne, a now successful choreographer, was told by her school that Gillian had a learning disorder because she would constantly fidget and could not concentrate in school. After taking her to a specialist her diagnosis was not that she had a learning disorder,

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