Creativity In The Minecraft World

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Creativity and imagination display key aspects of an unique design. It takes an individual who has the ability to manipulate both skills to design something original and aesthetically pleasing. Minecraft has the potential of being a prominent tool for all ages to teach the design process along with the skills needed to open one’s mind to creativity by influencing its players to create anything they wish using only blocks and pixilated objects. Although the lack of ability to apply organic shaped materials for building may appear to be a hindrance, it alternatively encourages the development of one’s problem solving skills needed to interpret the design they intend to convey. Pixelated blocks adapt to logarithmic patterns to portray complex, …show more content…

Minecraft has two core game modes, survival and creative, which adapts to a players preference. Survival mode encourages unexperienced and younger players to develop their creative side by giving them an incentive behind it. In order to survive in the Minecraft world, one must adventure across the different biomes to seek shelter, food, materials and equipment. At the start of one’s journey in survival mode, the player typically starts with a simply designed dirt or wooden hut for shelter, which later expands and develops into something greater depending on how long the player has played on that specific map. Minecraft's survival mode also teaches its players that labor-intensive work and determination will pay off. One achieves a substantial feeling of accomplishment to witness the progression of a dirt hut turn into an extravagant castle filled with all the riches and materials the player has worked diligently to …show more content…

Those who build on a creative map typically seeking to design something on a grander scale and highly detailed. One of the benefits of playing on creative mode includes the emphasis it puts on design with no boundaries. Creative mode encourages originative players to advance their skills of design and build by giving them practice building at a larger scale without limiting their imagination to survival and lack of materials. When designing a project, multiple problems and obstacles may occur, resulting in changes and tweaks to the design. Because of this, creative mode works well for allowing one to edit their design conveniently through visualizing it in a three-dimensional view. Although countless programs exist that enable one to design and construct a project three-dimensionally, Minecraft allows one to experience the same concept except in an enjoyable method appropriate for all ages. Minecraft’s simple yet innovative mechanics produces an addicting, user-friendly game providing as an efficient tool for expressing and enhancing ones creative

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