Crime Analysis : Crime And Disorder Essay

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Out of all the tools that are obtainable in the effort of supporting law enforcement agencies, analysis is perhaps one of the most operative. The truth is, data collection is truly insignificant unless it appreciated by all necessary reviewers, while also maintaining significance to the goal or goals to be accomplished. With that said, what exactly is analysis, and specifically, crime analysis? Crime analysis is defined as “The systematic study of crime and disorder problems as well as other police-related issues—including sociodemographic, spatial, and temporal factors—to assist the police in criminal apprehension, crime and disorder reduction, crime prevention, and evaluation.” (Santos). All law enforcement agencies deal with crime analysis on some level. Also, all law enforcement agencies have departmentalized sectors which focuses on different types of crime, which is the center of police related issues. Some sections deal with misdemeanors, while others deal with felonies. However, there is one commonality that each department do share. Whenever there is a crime of any level, rather it be jaywalking or a homicide, there is a crime scene. As previously discussed, a crime scene is any location where a crime was committed. The criminalist are the people who apply science and scientific methods to the crime scene investigation. Now what is a crime scene investigation? A crime investigation is defined as “A methodical investigation initially carried out at the crime

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