Crime And Punishment : The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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What is the most frightening and difficult thing for a human? Of course is to lose their life by a bad way. The problem of crime and punishment has always disturbed the human minds. Naturally, every serious crime should be punished and controlled appropriately, so every country has created a unique set of laws which define the type of punishment for many crimes. When the crime is very serious, like murder, the punishment is very strict and rough. At the first years of the 20th century death penalty is the only way of punishment for criminals who committed serious crimes like murdering but when the human rights appears they tried to control this problem and save criminals life. The attitude towards death penalty is completely different and there are supporters and opponents against this type of punishment who present their own pros and cons towards the problem. Despite the fact that death penalty prevents criminals from committing serious crimes and costs the government loss as opposed to life imprisonments without parole. It also should be banned or controlled to avoid continuing the cycle of violence and executing of innocent people.

According to the supporter’s point of view , they think that death penalty prevents criminals from committing serious crimes because Death penalty punishment controls criminals and the absence of it is synonymous to crime rate increase because nothing prevents criminals from doing these serious crimes, it appeases the victims or victim’s
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