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Kevin took his bowling ball, his lawn mower, his rifle and Rolex watch that he had gotten from one of the well to do women he had victimized. He drove to the Bob’s Pawn Shop and got the money and went to Diamond’s by Crystal and got his deposit back minus $25.00. He drove back over to Janice house and knocked her door like a man with some sense. He told her he had $1800.00 dollars to give her. Janice told him to slip the money through the mail slot. He put the money in the mail slot. “Janice are you going to get the charges dropped” Kevin asked. Janice responded, “I’ll see what I can do”. Kevin left and went home. He still couldn’t believe the shit Janice pulled on him. She didn’t seem like she would have the brains to pull …show more content…

She saw Roxanne eating a sandwich at the sub-shop and walked over and joined her. “What’s up Roxanne? She responded, nothing much. “So what’s been happening with you? I haven’t heard from you in a minute?” Janice responded, “I’m doing great now, but if you had asked me a month ago honey, my story would have had a sad ending.” “What happened?” “Well I’m seeing Peter now” “Say what – no you ain’t you’re the one that said he didn’t have that fire. And Kevin made you feel like a natural woman.” “You don’t have to rub my nose in it. I know what I said about Peter and Kevin. But I’ve learned my lesson about that fire. Roxanne girl, that so call fire almost burned a hole in my heart and cause me to commit murder. I’ll take Peter any day over a man with that fire. He might not have a six-pack or muscles that jump out at you, but what he does have good looks can’t compare. He has the ability to add to my happiness.” “So what happen with Kevin?” “Who” “You heard me Kevin.” “The man played me like a blank CD. But that’s alright, I started out as a blank CD but in the he was singing “It’s a thin line between love and hate” I’m one blank CD he’ll never forget the tune I left him humming thanks to my Aunt Lucy” They both fell out laughing as Janice told her the whole story. Then Janice asked her to see if she could get some tickets to Balinda’s Comedian Show by her mother’s house in Richmond Heights. Roxanne agreed to try to get the tickets as they both finish lunch and

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