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Introduction This article is intended to stimulate discussion of ethical issues involved in research in criminology. Ethical standards are not necessarily written down rules or laws; they are simply a collective experience that regulates the behavior of those who make up a particular society. Whose behavior the guidelines [Institutional Review Board (IRB) Best Practices in the Review of Social and Behavioral Research] seek to regulate, the mere existence of another document trying to get right the vexing question of how to assure the proper ethical conduct of qualitative researchers through organisational oversight is a symbol and symptom of a deep misunderstanding of the realities of ethnographic research and an even deeper…show more content…
While researchers may emphasise the need to ensure the flow of information, inevitably the methodologies of some research projects will need to be compromised to protect personal information while other projects will simply not be able to be conducted ( Mark 2004). If study the experiences and attitudes of police officers to violence, instead of potential offenders for these case. The key ethical issue is still same as confidentiality, privacy and informed consent. Researchers should ensure that participants have a substantial understanding of the research, the nature of the consent process and should negotiate consent for all relevant matters and, possibly, at all relevant times. The regulation of informed consent could operate in such a way that it protects the interests and autonomy of vulnerable groups( Mark 2004). Even 50 youth men had not been arrested, we need to confidentiality, privacy and informed consent. first start research and collect evidence, second try to protect victim Case study2 The key ethical issue raised in the case study 2 is harms and benefits. due to researchers interested in alcohol, drugs and violence research. The security position is most dangers job in the clubs, during some shifts have to involved in violent incidents with customer. These factor will be harm, during customers are drunk or using drug situation. Normally researchers expected minimise risks of harm or discomfort to

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