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“Kids Being Charged with Felonies”

A felony is a crime in which the convicted may receive more than a year in prison for their actions. The paper that you are about to read is going to explore some of the issues about kids being charged with felonies. We will also examine some of the issues of how this is portrayed in our news media today. Furthermore, I will offer my opinion, on how kids being charged with felonies could be a positive step in the right direction.
It is real that in America today we have asked our kids to grow up at an alarming rate. There has been no other time in history that children are asked to be mature enough to handle adult situations with
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Triou was charged with a felony account of computer trespass among other charges in the New York Criminal Justice System. He had reportedly hacked into some files at his high school and deleted password- protected folders. (CNN 6-11-03) All of these cases have something in common. Nearly all of them the accused (a child) put themselves into a position in which they had some conflicts with trying to live a mature personality. Not to mention in all of the news articles found the writer acted very surprised. Listing many personality traits of the juvenile offenders to be laid back, quiet, and a joy to be around in some cases. Like adults these young people are forced to put on different masks in different situations.
Am I making this out to be a much too complicated question? Are the children of today being pushed to grow up faster and faster? The truth is that this is a complicated situation and we are a complex society that revolves around social norms and mores. It is clear that are children are starting to feel those culture norms at a much earlier age than before, thus requiring them to grow up at an accelerated pace. In our world today we have young kids that are very pro-efficient with computers, cell phones, and video games. It is in these realms that they meet people all over the world and are influenced in many ways. Positive or negative that alone puts are children in a much higher phase of intellectual maturity over their
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