Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal

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November 9, 2015
James L. Smith

Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal
Chicago is a major city with a huge amount of crime and this paper will address crime reduction and prevention in this particular city. It will also address other issues such as; assisting victims, preventing crime, and achieving effective justice. This paper will address the effect that criminological theories and research have had on contemporary and historical crime control policies in Chicago. It will include theoretical rationale for the recommendations that are suggested. Chicago needs more help in these areas because of the amount of crime they are seeing.
Victim assistance programs are well organized and widely available to the public of …show more content…

The fear some people have of retaliation from their aggressors is high that is why vigorous trainings in all aspects of mental health to discretion takes place for the safety of the victims and staff.
Crime is on the rise in Chicago, Illinois, people in the city of Chicago fear to go to work as a result of all the random gunfire erupting every day. Just today (November 2, 2015) a nine-year-old boy was shot in the head in a back. The child was in an alley down the street from his grandmother's home. For the last five years, crime rates have shot through the roof in every area of the city. Chicago law enforcement agencies are at a halt because they do not know where all of this crime is coming from and why it is happening. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere or catch a crime in progress.
When community members step in, police are only notified of crimes through these members that are there when the crime is happening. Law enforcement can pursue a criminal, but they have to have direct evidence to convict them of an alleged crime if they do not have enough evidence they cannot get a conviction, and the alleged criminal will be out of law enforcement custody. A community member should always hold the image in their head of you "see something say something" this is the only crimes that are solved because law enforcement is almost never right there when a crime ensues. Now Chicago has implemented a new plan to address the youth about crime. Chicago

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