Crime Scene Evidence Essay

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Evidence from the crime scene Most items of evidence will be collected in paper containers such as packets, envelopes, and bags. Items that are more liquid base can be transported in non-breakable, leak-proof containers. Evidence are too be collected in tight, clean metal cans. The large quantities of powder should be stored in plastic bags such as wet evidence known as (blood, plants, etc.) should be store away properly.

1. Fingerprints which also includes the palm prints, and the bare footprints are known to be the best evidence to place for proof that an individual was at the scene of a crime.

2. Bite marks are found many times in sexual assaults and can be matched back to the individual who did the biting. The Bit marks …show more content…

A broken fingernail that is found at a crime scene, can be matched to the individual DNA even if it came from many months after the crime has been committed.

4. Documents such as handwriting samples can also be matched back to the individual that produced them. “Many suspect’s handwriting must be submitted for comparison to the unknown samples of evidence from the crime scene. Questioned documents can also be processed for fingerprints to matching up with suspects”

5. “Blood and Body Fluids the blood and seminal fluid can be matched back to an individual with a high degree of probability another form of DNA that can be matched to suspects. If scientist in the case is using a PCR method of DNA analysis or conventional serological techniques then blood and other body fluids can come from a certain population group to which the individual interacts with or even belongs too.” Schiro, G. (2015).

6. “Firearms and Tool marks Bullets and casings found at the crime scene can be positively matched back to a gun in the possession of a suspect, location of where it’s been brought etc” Schiro, G. (2015).

7. “Shoeprints and tire tracks can sometimes tell investigators what type of shoes or tires to look for when searching a suspect's residence or vehicles” Schiro, G.

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