Crimes And Crimes Of Children

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Crimes can be committed by everyone. The age of criminals have decreased as the crime committed increased in violence through time. Innocent lives are often lost in acts of violence, such as what had happened at Columbine. Children who commit malicious crimes can either be tried as a child or an adult. Children tried in the juvenile court systems are able to get out of jail around or before they turn 21. Juvenile courts are meant to rehabilitate children who are said to be too young to understand their actions. Adults who commit the same crime as children are believed to be fully aware of their actions and the repercussions. If a child is tried as an adult, then the child can be given a longer sentence. Children who commit serious crimes should be tried as adults. With time, the severity of the crimes committed by children have been seen to be worse. Juvenile criminals, “are still regarded by the law as children first criminals second” (Collier 1). The juvenile court was originally created to help rehabilitate children who commit crimes such as stealing. Now the juvenile court can be seen harboring criminal who were well aware of the vicious acts he or she have done such as a murderer. Statistics show that, “crimes committed by juveniles have increased by 60 percent since 1984” (Collier 1). The rapid increase of crimes that occur shows how the system in place is not effective in the prevention of crimes. Government statistics show that, “Since 1965, the number of…
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