Criminal Law And Its Effect On Society

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Hello Geffrey,
You asked this learner to elaborate more on “which laws this learner believe are considered criminal by the larger society, but may be considered acceptable by the groups lacking wealth”? (Martin, 2016. Para. 1). Well, this learner will try to address this question.
As we know criminal laws were created for us as a society to follow, maintain, and be punished if the law is broken. Now, that sounds really good, but as a society this is not true, because these laws are look good on paper, and are supposed to be equal to everyone (wealthy or poor), but when we take a closer look it is no. Why, well if you are wealthy enough it can give you a free pass or what this learner likes to call a free get out of jail, but if you are not wealthy, then you are remanded and will be put in jail/prison ASAP until they find you a public defender. Do you know how long that can take? Well in Augusta, GA it can be anywhere from a month up to four if you are lucky (from my personal perspective and issues).
Now, take a look at this information or example of the wealthy that was discovered by a newspaper: “for over a decade suburban jails in Southern California have been renting upscale cells to affluent people convicted of crimes in Los Angeles County, these pay-to-stay programs, also called self-pay jails, cost wealthy prisoners between $45 and $175 a day and include such amenities as iPods, cell phones, computers, private cells and work release programs. Some even let prisoners
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