Criminal Law Proceedings All Over Tv Nowadays Essay

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Type of Proceeding We see romanticized versions of criminal law proceedings all over TV nowadays. In the popular show CSI: we see detectives using futuristic looking gadgets and other highly unrealistic “investigative” methods to try to find the bad guy. I knew that shows like this are far from reality, but I wanted to see for myself just how much of a fantasy they really are. To accomplish this mission, I had to go see a trial for myself. I chose to see a criminal trial proceeding because these cases tend to be more engaging, they will help me differentiate between fact and fiction in media, and have more relevance to me as I want to pursue a career in Criminal Law. By viewing a trial live and in person, I hoped to get a first hand experience of the hard work, skill, and dedication it takes to survive a career in law. Research Prior to attending the trial in person, it is important to have a basic understanding of criminal trial proceedings. Otherwise, the trial will just sound like jargon and nonsense to an uninformed viewer. A criminal trial begins with an arrest, followed by an initial appearance. At the initial appearance, the accused is informed of the charges against them, bail is set (if applicable) and the preliminary trial is scheduled (Neubauer and Meinhold, 213). During the preliminary trial the charges against the accused are reviewed to see if probable cause exists to continue holding the subject. In the early stages of a trial, the defendant is much more
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