The Murder Of Rapper Christopher Wallace

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No one was ever charged in the murder of rapper Christopher Wallace, aka. Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls, but I will show how a suspect would be tried if there were such a suspect. But first I would like to point out that this trial would be a media circus. To begin with the suspect could more than likely end up being one or more LAPD officers, a fact that the FBI has suggested in their report on Wallace that was released in 2011 (Federal Bureauof Investigation , n.d.). Then there is the gang aspect, Biggie had ties to the Crips, which he had reportedly hired to murder rival rapper Tupac Shakur, who was himself a Blood, just six months prior to his own murder. Subsequently, since no one has ever been formally charged in this case,I will try to use vague wording when referring to the suspect, and I will refer to him by of name “Mr. Murder Suspect”. I use the masculine only because there were no female suspects.
After Mr. Murder Suspect was charged in the murder of Cristopher Wallace, arrested, formally charged at the first appearance, with the charges being upheld during the preliminary hearing, and then formally arraigned, where he plead not guilty to all charges. Now the trial is set to begin. (Schmalleger, 2014)
The trial process begins with the selection of the jury. After the jury is selected the next stage is the opening statements. Since the prosecution has the burden of proof as to the defendant 's guilt, the prosecutor 's opening statement is given first. An

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