Criminal Profiling, Criminal, And Forensic Psychology

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Criminal profiling is another subject of criminal and forensic psychology, which is probably one of the oldest studies of forensic science. Criminal profiling has been called many things, such as behavioral profiling, crime scene profiling, criminal personality profiling, psychological profiling, and more recently even criminal investigation analysis. Criminal profiling’s history has come from a history of criminal behavior, the study of mental illnesses, and forensic examinations. Criminal profiling was adopted by one of the first criminologists, Cesare Lombroso. He studied over 400 Italian prisoners and compared their lifestyles. He studied and compared the inmates due to where they grew up, their sex and origin, age and race, physical features, and education. In 1876, he published a book called “The Criminal Man” where he suggested that there were three types of Criminals. These types consisted of born criminals, insane criminals (those who suffered from a mental illness that caused the criminal activity), and lastly criminaloids (mental and emotional state developed and influenced them to be more prone to criminal behaviors). He recognized that certain mental and physical features linked to criminality, and due to this forensic science was adopted. In the early 1900’s criminal profiling started, but it wasn’t until 1943 where most remember the conclusions. After Adolf Hitler committed suicide, Dr. Walter C. Langer requested to develop a profile based on his speeches,

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