Criteria And Study Subject Recruitments

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3.4 Study Eligibility Criteria and Study Subject Recruitments Inclusion Criteria 1. Participants must meet DSM-5 criteria for current PTSD (within the past 6 months. Subjects are allowed to have multiple traumatic events. They must have a CAPS score of 50 or higher, which qualifies them for moderate to severe PTSD symptoms. 2. They must either: a. have had at least one unsuccessful attempt at treatment with a selective serotonin uptake inhibitor (SSRI) and one unsuccessful treatment with any form of psychotherapy for which there exist a controlled trial indicating efficacy in the treatment of PTSD. Treatment with an SSRI must have lasted for at least three months, and psychotherapy must have lasted for six months and included at least twelve sessions. Treatment will be deemed to have been unsuccessful if the participant continues to meet criteria for current PTSD following the treatment. b. Be a veteran with PTSD symptoms that have endured for no less than one year. One such subject may be included without prior treatment if he or she is unwilling or unable to undergo psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy. 3. Participants may or may not also meet criteria for a mood disorder and for other anxiety disorders. This is important due to the high frequency of co-morbidity of PTSD with other psychiatric disorders. 4. Participants must also be willing to commit to the duration of medication dosing, experimental sessions, and follow-up sessions and to complete evaluation instruments
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