Critical Analysis: An Analysis Of Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is an analysis technique that is used to assess the matter presented in a reasonable and reflective manner and reach upon a conclusion. It involves scrutinizing the case for evidences presented, critique on the conclusions drawn, identification of logical relationships and fallacies, investigation for misinterpretations and other intellectual methods. This paper contains the application of one such application model to test the conclusion and the basal reasons and statistics laid down in personal communication under scrutiny. Fallacies are identified and it is found that the conclusion drawn is illogical and misleading.
Keywords: Critical Thinking, Analysis of Content, Asking the right
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The first of these is evident when the author makes the following claim, “Our average growth rate is 12% per annum. None of our twelve senior executives has attended a leadership development seminar and yet our company has been prosperous.” (Anil Ravaswami, personal communication, October 10, 2012, p. 1.) The author attributes the growth to the company to the leadership’s effectiveness. An alternate explanation could this have been the overall booming of the market sector in which the company operates. Yet another explanation could be extraordinary performance of the people on field and the junior executives. At one more of such instances, the author tries to claim that a tall height is an essential quality for becoming leaders. He supports this with the fact all that but one member of the senior staff are over 6 feet tall. An alternate explanation to this could be that some of the senior staff members might be biologically related, which is often a case in many private firms run by families. In that scenario, they all might possess the gene leading to their above average heights (Visscher,
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