Critical Analysis Of The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby has the quest of reinventing himself,and finding Daisy again. The poor James Gatz was the son of farmers. He was very poor growing up and had always wanted to be rich. He basically has a new persona at this point, the former James Gatz becomes the rich and handsome Jay Gatsby. When Jay Gatsby was younger, he was a military officer. He had good manners and very much charm. These manners and this charm caused the young Daisy Buchanan fell for him and he fell for her. When he was drafted to fight in the first world war Daisy promised to wait for him, which she did for a while, but then one Tom Buchanan comes along while Mr.Jay Gatsby is in university. Daisy marries Tom and yet Gatsby and Daisy still love each other. So how on earth did that work out? Well here is how, Gatsby has been watching Daisy from afar (No my friends, he is not a stalker) he sees how unhappy she is in her marriage. At this point, Nick is going to come in alright? He is also the narrator for this book. He works in Manhattan but lives in Long Island in a town called "West Egg" he moves in next to a huge mansion, which we all find out is the home of Jay Gatsby. There are parties that happen over there every night, live music, flappers, alcohol, gambling, etc. One day Nick gets an invitation to one of the parties, to which he attends, he meets one Mr. Jay Gatsby, however he has no idea until they start talking about the war and introduce themselves. Jay Gatsby trusts Nick and they become friends and
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