Critical Analysis of the Article The State of the Eco-Union Essay

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Reading assignment 2a entitled The State of the Eco-Union is about sustainable agriculture. The article covers the sustainability of caring for not just the physical health of farm animals, but also their mental health, questioning whether we should be doing something ecologically just because we can, and the entrepreneurial aspect of small, eco-friendly farming.

Critical Analysis
One of the author’s large arguments is that organic food products have now become mainstream enough that everyone knows what an organic product means, which has inevitably made organic less than organic set out to be. With the government’s organic certification process, they have corrupted the organic movement. I both agree and disagree with the author’s …show more content…

The author also speaks about paranoia when it comes to foodborne illnesses and the relation that plays organic food production. He argues that the U.S. is overzealous in eradicating any potential illness outbreaks from food. While he drifts a bit into stories about a friend in France, he does bring up a few good points in terms of food-safety and the false notion that organic, raw, or naturally eaten foods (like unwashed eggs) are not as safe as irradiated foods. I agree with this argument, pointing to European countries who don’t homogenize dairy products and have low incidences of foodborne illnesses related to the consumption of raw dairy products. Additionally, if we were as concerned about food safety as we appear to be, we would ban the same types of harmful food additives as most industrialized nations, such as farmed salmon, genetically engineered papaya, arsenic, flame retardant drinks and synthetic hormones.

Conclusion In short, I agree with most of the arguments the author has in terms of the overall health of our organic farming. We need small, artisanal, organic farmers to help keep the organic movement moving in a positive direction. However, I would disagree that government involvement is entirely bad. Instead, I would state that the government has given us a minimal

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