Critical Appraisal of the Current Wired Metwork of The Modern Mouldings

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The Modern Mouldings current wired infrastructure will be appraised based on the following qualities. Speed, Topology, Scalability, Cost, Reliability and Availability. Speed: The speed of the network depends on how the network is built amongst other factors. The 10 base5 backbone infrastructure has a transmission speed of 10Mbps. The backbone is connected using bus topology, the bus being a shared medium causes all nodes to share the maximum data rate, depending on how many users are trying to access the network at a time (Frenzel, 2009). This means that the maximum aggregate throughput is 10Mbps. Furthermore, the use of hubs and repeaters puts all the nodes on the network in one large collision domain and because hubs and repeaters do not learn mac addresses they encourage broadcasts which takes up bandwidth that could be used to transfer frames. In addition all nodes on the network operate in half duplex mode. With half-duplex transmission, a node cannot both transmit and receive at the same time. If two nodes try to transmit at the same time it leads to a collision and the two packets are discarded. All these factors serve to slow down the network. Topology: The current network was able to mix different speeds to match departmental needs. The physical topology in use is linear bus topology which also translates to a logical bus topology. The cable in use being Thicknet gives extended length allowance which is 500meters for a given segment and 2500 meters total cable
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