Critical Appreciation Of Waiting For Godot

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On Thursday the 12, I attended the performance of the play “Waiting for Godot” at the Fannin Performance Hall. This play was centered around two friends Vladimir and Estragon who are in the conquest of meeting someone named Godot; throughout their adventure, you meet various characters that influence the story and it also it makes the two main characters and their views on life pop out as well as their actions and words. At the beginning, both Vladimir and Estragon were confused on where they were and who exactly they were going to meet they are usually played with Irish accents the play has a political undertone meaning that everything that is said and the way that is said has often a double meaning. In the play you find a variety of archetypes and the way that they fit in the script is very impressive because these archetypes have direct contact with each other, and although they are all on the same platform meaning that you can see that Pozzo is better off than the duo and he is obviously in a better socioeconomic position than they are but he doesn’t treat them as animals although he does treat them as inferior he doesn't treat them like he treats lucky. This is an important because on the political and social side of the play it is the very way that rich treat the poor or the way that a cast system comes into confrontation you see how much Pozzo has in comparison to others and you wonder why he couldn’t offer them food you can ask yourself a lot of these kinds of

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