Critical Reflection And Professional Enquiry And The Importance Of Education

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According to Pollard (2014:7), “the values we hold about the importance of education are critical to the decision to become teachers in the first place, and to sustaining our motivation and resilience through our career”. However, while values such as social justice, trust, professional commitment or respect are held as pivotal forefronts for the core of the teaching profession, as stated by the General Teaching Council for Scotland in the Standards for Registration (2012), it should also be essential for educational practitioners, throughout their career, to engage in critical reflection and professional enquiry.
As a future practitioner, I believe that being able to evaluate our teaching practices and critically reflect on the way they …show more content…

However, I think I also choose this topic as it is of particular relevance for me not only as a learner, but as an individual, being an English as an additional language learner myself.

In spite of starting to learn English when I began primary school, it did not occur to me how much it could be difficult to speak in another language for longer periods of time as opposed to having small conversations in a foreign language until I moved to Scotland in order to attend university. Moving to another country had a strong impact not only on my academics, since I could not ‘stand out’ anymore as I did in high school, but especially on my confidence and on my social interactions. Often, I would feel too embarrassed to interact with other students during lectures and seminars in case I said anything wrong, therefore missing out on several learning opportunities. Because of this, I would like to enquire about different supportive methods that I could eventually include in my practice in order to avoid for any pupil, and in particular, those with different needs related to having English as a second language, to feel like they are being left out or excluded.

Due to various issues such as globalisation,

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