Critical Reflection

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Critical reflection

Assignment 2. Critical Reflection (50%)
Part A. 1250 words
Due date: Monday 14 October 2013 (hand in during tutorial)
References- a minimum of 7 current and relevant references required and used within the critical reflection to support discussion. Three of these references need to be recent peer reviewed journal articles outlining research in this area.

Task: Students are to critically reflect on the professional responsibilities of managers and leaders in early childhood education and care. In this task, students are to identify and critically reflect on one current professional issue, linked to either 1) early childhood management, 2) early childhood leadership, or 3) advocacy in early childhood. The …show more content…

Equity is about fairness and is based on two different sets of rights that are; every child has the right to attend an early childhood environment and the right to participate and be represented equally within that environment (Thomas, unpub). Thus according to Leatherman & Niemeyer (2013) inclusion was defined as all children with or without disabilities participating in classroom experiences together. Moreover Leatherman

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