Critical Thinking Analysis : Mattel Company

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Critical Thinking Introduction This paper will discuss three virtues (truthfulness, integrity, and fairness) and discuss how they how they form the basis for Mattel Company’s operations. Mattel is one of the multinational organization that produced toys ("Mattel Inc. - About Us", 2017). The company maintains the ethical standards that exceed the government requirements. Definition of the Terms Fairness According to Merriam Webster online dictionary fairness is a way of acting with honesty and impartiality: free from favoritism, prejudice, or self-interest. This means actively working to set aside group loyalty or self-interests when giving an opinion or rendering judgment. In the days to today, human activities fairness s fairness manifests itself in various instances for example not taking advantage of others based on the weaknesses they portray, sharing, intently listening, and taking turns. Impartiality is a critical element in fairness; this means knowing where the biases are and using all the available tools to set them aside and requesting outside perspective when it becomes necessary ("Dictionary by Merriam-Webster,” 2017). Integrity According to Merriam Webster online dictionary Integrity refer to a firm adherence to a code especially artistic values and morals; this is a state or quality of being undivided or complete. Integrity also means an unimpaired condition. Integrity is the qualification of having a high moral uprightness, moral principle and being

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