Idea Of Justice

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The Preamble, the opening statement of the Constitution, ordained the Constitution to form a more perfect union, ensure domestic tranquility, establish justice, and other liberties for American citizens. The Constitution is set to guarantee that United States citizens are protected under the law. The idea of justice and what it entails has become a topic of discussion nationwide due to recent altercations between citizens and the law enforcement. Fairness, equity, and fair play are all related when it comes to the idea of justice. Each person has their own interpretation of what justice is. This is due to the fact that justice is situational. For instance, the plaintiff and defendant in a murder case each want justice, but at different circumstances. The plaintiff would want the defendant locked away in prison for a long period of time. However, the…show more content…
Amendments were made to the Constitution in order to ensure the government is more fair or up-to-date for American citizens. The eighth amendment to the Constitution was implemented prohibit the federal government from I receiving excessive fines, bail, or harsh punishment. This amendment protects citizens from unnecessary punishments such as receiving the death sentence for being caught shop lifting. The eighth amendment proves that the justice system is flawed and can be biased towards an individual or group of people. Justice is something many people want, but people do not always show that they care enough for justice. The want for justice among many Americans is passive. People accept and allow what happens in the justice system despite if it is lawful or not. Some people feel that their voice will not be heard and will not make a change in society. However, some organizations, like Black Lives Matter, advocate for justice and equal privileges across the nation. In an ideal world, American citizens will do more in hopes for a more suitable justice
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