Critical Thinking Questions From The Movie Super Size Me

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SUPER-SIZE ME VIDEO ASSIGNMENT Below are 5 critical thinking questions from the movie Super-Size Me. Please answer all of them. Answers should be several sentences long. 1. Why do you think Morgan decided to make this movie and go through with this McDonald’s binge? Did the movie impact you or challenge you to change your diet? Do you think it made a valid point? I believe he wanted to prove that eating McDonald’s every day is horrible for you. He also wanted to see what would happen if he ate McDonald’s for 30 days. He wanted to found out what would happen to his body. The video impacted me a bunch and challenged me to not eat out anymore and just make my own healthy food diet. I started to eat out more because of my job and having a car to drive to restaurants and fast food places so I could satisfy my hunger. I think it made a great valid point because there is so much evidence and It shows you that eating at fast food places like McDonald’s is bad for you and your health. 2. What do you think the relationship is between fast food and obesity? Do you think suing places like McDonalds is a good solution to our nation’s obesity problem? How much blame should be placed on fast food places vs. parents, etc. I think the relationship between fast food and obesity is that people are too lazy and/or busy to make their own food and have to go to fast food places to eat. They visit fast food places to get their food fast because they are in a hurry to work or

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