AMBA 610 Essay

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Shajuan Franklin
University of Maryland University College
DR. Murray Blank
To survive in such a multifaceted and diverse world we as people must possess the ability to think critically in highly complex situations. The world is an extremely challenging place, all of us are forced to adapt by constantly challenging existing principles and performing certain methods to ensure our growth both physically and mentally. Many claim that contemporary society needs a skill called critical thinking to adapt and survive. Critical thinking is a higher level of intellectual progression that makes use of diverse information, skills and attitudes in interpreting situations and confronting problems. Critical thinking is done
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Ms. Castle argued her personal belief as well, she stated “leaders are born not made” quoting famous economist Dr. Irwin Corey (The Memo). Ms. Castle specified that most if not all great leaders possess a tall physical stature. She stated that all members of the senior staff are over six feet tall except for Ms. Forsythe (The Memo). Ms. Castle continued her argument that certain traits such as ambition, self-confidence, and intelligence cannot be learned as they are innate. Ms. Castle moved onto her next point that the only reason Ms. Forsythe is arguing for the leadership development program is to discredit her and is motivated by the liberal notion that all citizens of a free nation have the right to pursue education. She feels that once the company starts sending people for leadership training they will start getting numerous requests for expensive training that they cannot afford and that they should spend their money on recruitment. The proposal was rejected because of personal beliefs and the rivalry among corporate peers.
Which words or phrases are ambiguous?
According to Brown and Keeley ambiguity refers to the existence of multiple possible meaning for a word or phrase (Browne & Keeley, 2011, p.53). In the memo Ms. Castle mentioned some resources that justified her claim but also left a lot of ambiguity. Ms. Castle relied on the current success
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