Critical Thinking in Management in the 21s Century Essay

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1. Introduction

This report is dealing of how to manage the organisation in the 21st century. The report will include new forms of leadership that are available to the organisation such transactional and transformational leadership and spiritual, distributed, servant and authentic leadership to ensure they are successful; it will include benefits and limitation of them. The report will also include the importance of achieving the competitive advantage which will show an understanding of knowledge management, the learning organisation and corporate social responsibility.

2. Main Body

2.1 New forms of leadership for organisations to help them achieve organisational success.

The working environment is changing rapidly. According to …show more content…

However transformational leadership is a process of gathering higher levels of motivation and commitment. Bass (1992) theory of transformational leadership firsts focused on ‘’compering effects of transformational and transactional leadership on individual performance, satisfaction and effectiveness’’ (Ozaralli 2003:335). However it was also linked to effectiveness, innovations and improvement (Bass, 1995). Bass (1995) have given four dimensions of transformational leadership: Charisma, Individual consideration, intellectual stimulation and inspiration.

Another type of leadership that an organisation may consider is a spiritual leadership. According to Dent, Higgins and Wharff (2005) ‘’spirituality and its relationship to workplace leadership is a compelling issue for management practitioners and researches’’ (2005: 625) Goertzen and Barbuto (2001) stated that ‘’spirituality is addressed through several paradigms: self-actualisation, and spirituality, purpose and meaning in life and spirituality, health and wellness as outcomes of spirituality, spirituality in the workplace, and spirituality and leadership’’ (Dent et al. 2005 : 626). Spirituality is believed to enhance organizational learning unify and build communities serve the need for connecting to others at work, and to work itself (Dent et al. 2005 : 627). Spirituality is also linked to organisational leadership as well as other

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