Critique Of Classroom Observation

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Evaluation Critique
My high school conducts observations of all teachers at least two times a year and someone from the administrative team performs the observations. The observations can be done informally and formally, dependent upon the individual’s evaluation process. If the teacher is on “goal setting” for evaluation, they will have both formal and informal evaluations and if a teacher is on a “standard” evaluation they would have at least two formal observations, yearly. Observations are conducted and documented using a web service, Edivate Observe. Edivate has templates that can be accessed and where information can be documented or behaviors observed could be indicated and referenced again. The template opens with allowing for the
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The next step is for the teacher to set professional growth goals that they will be evaluated on for the year. These goals are developed at the beginning of the school year and approved by the administration by October. One goal is to be developed for each of four diocesan required areas that include Christian/ Professional Formation, Instructional Planning/ Performance and Assessment, Learning Environment/Communication skills & Management style, and Interpersonal Relationships. During the end of the third quarter, the administration completes the evaluation packet by assigning ratings such as AG, area for growth or ES, exceeds standards and the ratings reflect criterion outlined under each heading. The ratings and comments are based upon the teacher’s performance and progress as observed that year, by the administration. After completion, the administration shares the evaluation with the teacher during a scheduled meeting and the teacher signs the form acknowledging that they read the evaluation. The signed document is placed in the personnel file of the teacher, a copy is given to the teacher and another is sent to the diocesan
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