Critique Of The Interview And Ethical Principle Discussed

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Critique of the interview and ethical principle discussed Introduction The psychologist I have interviewed seemed a responsible and professional person and informed in many areas of psychology. He was easy going and authentic. I was impressed with his down to earth attitude and genuine friendliness. I really appreciated the fact that he would see him self as a normal person struggling in life as anybody else regardless of his many years of education, experience, background and in depth knowledge of human condition because of his profession. By discussing with him I really felt how challenging and how demanding this profession is. However, I was really inspired by his response that “the inner pleasure of assisting people with their life issues can not be valued with money. It is priceless.” In addition we discussed about an ethical dilemma he faced in his practice once and how he handled it. Ethical dilemma His dilemma was whether should report a case where a male client was suspicious of his previous wife trading drugs when she had their children with her. At the end he decided to report the case after advising a colleague. Is worth reflecting on that dilemma and how this psychologist handled it to see if he did the right think or he could act otherwise. Firsly, the client did not provide evidence of his suspicion that his wife actually trading drugs but he was only suspicious that this is might be the case. It is quite clear that the National Act suggests mandatory
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