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Comparative Interview Paper Gladwell Kamaru MidAmerica Nazarene University Comparative Interview Paper I got the opportunity to interview two distinct professional counselors. I will be discussing their similarities and differences in their professional careers; Based on their professional identity, approach to therapy orientation, work setting as well as discussing unique experiences they have encountered. The interview experience was very insightful in understanding the work environment for counselors across the board is very diverse. Moreover, it was a great incredulity to my ignorance of the daily duties of a counselor on a daily basis. I had the privilege to interview two very distinct therapists with different licensure and outlook in their field. Licenses The first interviewee was Mrs. Jennifer Elliot. She holds a professional counselor license (LPC). In addition, she holds a Temporary Masters level psychologist level license(TLMLP) from Kansas State. She describes the TLMPL as a temporary licensure when anticipating to take nationally standardized competency exam (EPPP). It was very interesting and quit a surprise to encounter a master’s level psychologist. She explained that her degree and licensure enable her to do psychological testing, the whole level from selecting individuals, administering the tests as well as Interpretation of different diagnostics. Furthermore, Mrs.Damaris Karanja was my second individuality interview. She holds a Professional

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