Critique on a Lesson Plan

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Diana Montano
LS 421: Deborah Meadows
May 25th, 2010
Lesson Plan Critique Overall the author of this art visual lesson did a great job. He followed the curriculum and standards/goals were set. His objected for this lesson was to educate the students on Ancient Egypt, and the properties/techniques of earth clay construction. His lesson plan goes into great detail. He starts by stated around how long this lesson will take. Two days approximately, he gives for each day extensive detail procedures. He says first day the teacher will introduce the topic of Ancient Egypt and how earth clay cartouche was part of their culture. I will probably add questions during this time frame to keep the students engage and wanting to learn more. I …show more content…

After I will show them how to glaze, give them techniques tell them what it would make the plate look good and what it wouldn’t. (In art there is no right or wrong, but there should be a point of expedience- is what you expect of the students). After teacher has demonstrated the glaze procedure, he will let students choose the ceramic glaze color. So there is no fighting in the classroom I think the teacher should set up the classroom in groups of five per

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