Cronus: The Titan King

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Cronus was one of the most feared and respected deities of the Greek culture. Cronus was also the youngest of the first-generation of Titans. His power was controlling time. Cronus believed he held the answer to everything. He was cynical, arrogant, not that wise, and very prideful. However, he also had some helpful strengths. Cronus was intellectual, and powerful. He commanded respect, and had control over time. His arrogance and pride were probably his downfall. Cronus would never back down from a challenge. (<>)
Cronus’s parents were Gaea, the Earth goddess, and Uranus, the Sky God. Cronus had eleven Titan siblings. His sisters were Rhea(Future Queen of the Titans), Tethys(wife/sister of Oceanus, produced rivers and ocean nymphs), Mnemosyne(Titan of memory, mother of the Muses), Crius(no details given), Phoebe(Titan of the Moon, mother of Leto), and Thea(no details given). And his brothers were Oceanus(the unending stream of water encircling the world), Hyperion(Titan of Light), Themis(Titan of Justice and Order), Iapetus(father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius, and Atlas by Clymene), and Coeus(Titan of Intelligence). (“The Titans of the Golden Age”) Uranus and Gaea did not just have the Titans as children. Uranus thought they were ugly and undesirable. The undesirable siblings were the Hecatoncheires(100-handers) and the Cyclops(a monster with one eye, amazing crafters in the forges). He thought they would disrupt

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