Cross Country Research Paper

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When most people run up a hill, they slow down. When I see a hill, I speed up and say to myself: “I LOVE hills!” Of course, I don’t really mean it. Nobody’s fond of running up hills, especially on a violently hot day in the middle of August. I was taught this mantra by one of my Cross Country coaches, Kelly. If I don’t think that I can do something, the first thing I try is telling myself that I can. Mindset is about 75% of your performance in a race. I love to run because it makes me feel like I can do things that are impossible. When I get back from a five mile run in the pouring rain, I feel like everything is right with the world. I wasn’t always a runner. Some kids are born into the running cult, but not me. We have a treadmill in our basement that my parents occasionally use when they got on a health kick, but neither of them pushed me to be a runner. During the summer of sixth grade, my mother was talking to our neighbor in our driveway. While they were standing on the blistering pavement, the subject of Cross Country came up. My neighbor’s son was on the high school team and it was doing a …show more content…

In other sports, it’s difficult to analyze a player's involvement in the game. There are so many factors, and no concrete numbers to tell you how they did at the end. In Cross Country, you know how you did as soon as you look at your watch. I love being able to compare my times from week to week and year to year. When I look at my watch during the race, I know what I have to do to the achieve my goal. To be honest, I’m a pretty mediocre runner, so my goals are very small. I don’t plan on placing in races or beating team mates. I just want my time to get better week by week. This past season, I took four and a half minutes off of my time. Coach Hiedke told me that I’m the kind of person that can make their dreams come true, because he’s seen me do

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