Narrative Essay About Basketball

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The summer before seventh grade my mom and I were talking about school and what sports I was going to play. I knew that I was definitely be playing basketball, but my mom kept bringing up cross-country. She said she thought that I should try it because I have long legs, which is good for running. I always thought running sounded boring because all you do is move one foot in front of another. I decided to still try it because of my mom and because for all I knew it could be something I really enjoy. I didn’t enjoy much then, I didn’t have many hobbies. I did like art, but not that much, I only did it when I was really bored. I loved basketball, but even I knew I was completely horrible at that. No other sports really appealed to me and that is why I was going to give running a chance, because I was desperate for a hobby. On my first day of practice the first thing we had to do was watch the concussion video. I didn’t know you could get concussions from running, but you never know and that is why they made us watch it. After that we didn’t have much time left so they decided to make us just run a half mile. Even though the half mile is only 800 meters, which feels like nothing now, I hurt so bad and wanted nothing more than to walk. The only reason I kept running was because I didn’t want to be the one girl who can’t even run a full half mile. It seemed like forever but I could finally see the end and when I reached that destination I realized I had never been
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