Cross Cultural Conflict : A Multi Cultural Workforce Essay

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Cross-cultural conflict is important in a multi-cultural workforce. In a globalized world conflict appears to occur frequently. Several things are thought to be correlated with I.C (Interpersonal Conflict) among diverse groups and cultures. Culture has a direct effect and mediated effect on conflict behavior. Face concerns among parent and sibling in Germany, Japan, Mexico, and U.S were examined by researchers. They collected answers from 449 participants among these four groups (Oatzel et al.2003). The sample was drawn from students 450 females and 300 males with mean age 21.54, SD 3.76. It studied face concern and conflict style relationship. Self-Face is associated positively with dominating conflict styles. Other-Face associated with avoiding conflict styles. Results showed that Dominating Styles were self-face and concerned with one 's own image. Other-Face is concerned with other 's image. Of the demographic groups that participated Other-Face Styles are higher in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. Cultural Individualism-Collectivism had direct effects on conflict styles. Avoiding conflict, integrating, obliging are higher among Chinese students face concerns, American western students have a dominating style of face concern and more individualist.

Similar results were analyzed in a different survey among journalist and Journalism students in China. The research was done by (Pan & Chan 2003) it studies Journalistic Paradigm, Chinese Media, and media reforms. The

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