Cry Of The Soul, It Has A Test For Me

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As I been reading Cry of the Soul, it has been a test for me. This books deals with a lot of emotion. Deals with a of negative emotions and how to use that for postive. This book is made for you to turn to God with your negative probelsm rather than trying to deal with them on your own.
The biggest obstacle I ever went through in life was my four years of college. My freshman year to my senior year was the hardest times of my life. Thriugh this times, I had the option of either turning to God with my problem or turning away. For awhile I turned away from Him. My freshman year was the first year I actually was on my own. I had to balance my basketball schedule with school. That was tough because basketball was at 6 am everyday and I had …show more content…

I did not really talk to anyone about my problems. These emotions that I was feeling though opened me to asking the tough questions. The toughest question to answer as is there any real purpose to my pain. I asked my self this question a lot. The main concern though was if I was moving more toward God or away from Him.
Fast forward to my senior year. The summer going to into my senior year I found out my step dad had lung cancer. It hit him quick too. By september he had lost so much weight and did not look like himself. In september they gave him a month to live so his last wish was to marry my mom. They got married in October then a week later he died. It was tough because he was on hospice so I was home when he passed away. I did not cry though when he died. It was jjst not real to me for him to die so soon. I cried at the funeral and then I went into my quiet mode and avoided my feelings. I questioned a lot in my life and thought about the direction my life was going. I became jealous of everyones life around me because it seem like their life was better than mine. “will he satisfy my hungrer.” or will He bless others and leave me empty.”(Pg.48) I felt like I was living a good life and doing what I was told. “Is God good, or will He leave me in isolation? Will He offer His presence to others and leave me alone.”(Pg. 49) I eventually got the courage to sit down in my quiet place and cry out to God. It was probably the best

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