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aIntroduction For generations, we at Dutch Lady Milk Industries have made it our business to supply quality dairy and infant nutrition products to the nation. Today Dutch Lady ranks among the top three dairy producers in Malaysia. Generations of Malaysians have grown up on Dutch Lady dairy products. Remember that indispensable carton of Dutch Lady UHT Chocolate Milk that you always carried to school for recess time? Well, today, a brand new generation of young consumers is spoilt for choice with our extensive new range of growing up milk products. Dutch Lady 123 and 456 not only come DHA-enhanced, but also in vanilla, honey and chocolate flavors! While Dutch Lady first established itself as a manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk,…show more content…
They invest in model technological produce machine with about 50 million USD for making sure every product get hard standards of food safety. In 2002 Dutch Lady has implemented two major programs Opening a center for nutrition with the goal is to provide basic knowledge of nutrition effectively to the study of nutrition, the medical industry as well as to consumers. A long-term cooperation agreement with the Association Nutrition VN is providing technical assistance and funding for research projects on nutrition in Vietnam with total funding for the first 5 years from 2003 to 2008 is 1.35 billion VND. Program "Nutrition Education preschool" with funding from six billion in 2004-2006 as of end of March 2005 deployed to 250 schools in nine cities in the country. Besides that, Scholarship " Dom Dom light" for children in difficult circumstances and programs "to develop young talent". The Importance of CSR Corporate social responsibility can cut across almost everything you do and everyone you deal with. You need to think about: • The suppliers you choose and the way you deal with them. For example, trading with suppliers who pollute the environment could be as irresponsible as doing so yourself. See the page in this guide on how to deal responsibly with customers and suppliers. • How you treat your employees. For the responsible business, this means doing more than simply complying with legal requirements. See the page in

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