Culminating Project: My FINCA Recipient Essay

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As a student at Avila I had the special opportunity to give money toward a loan to a lucky recipient across the country through and organization called FINCA. FINCA is an organization that provides microfinance loan opportunities to a plethora of people in 21 different countries. I had the chance to choose a recipient to make a loan to that was funded through t-shirt sales at Avila. We were inspired to make these loans as a university because our common reading story this summer was International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris where the author writes about his adventures meeting recipients of his KIVA loans, and organization much like FINCA. My chosen FINCA client is named Rhoda Mwale. Rhoda Mwale lives in the country of Zambia, where her …show more content…

I also thought that it was incredible that a family with so little never gave up, and the perfect example of this is their mud house. It is so inspiring that they took advantage of the resources they had and turned it into something beneficial for their family. Because of the past that I had been encouraged by in reading Rhoda’s bio on the FINCA website, I was confident that choosing her and her family as my recipient was a good choice and I couldn’t wait to see the impact that was made in their life due to it. Giving a loan to someone in need has made me believe in the power of microfinance loans. I love the idea that people can receive the help they need while also learning responsibility and I think that is the difference between microfinance loans and charity. In charity you are mindlessly giving, yes it is good to give selflessly, but there is something special about doing that while also helping teach someone how to get by on their own. I find it upsetting that parts of the world are struggling so much with things that we take advantage of in America but it is definitely rewarding to be able to help people in their time of need and that ties back to what I feel like my calling is- to be a nurse. My ultimate goal in life is to help people in their time of need and I feel like another way of doing that besides being a nurse would be to continue funding opportunities of those less fortunate than I through microfinance loans. I

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