Cult Of Stalin Essay

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The Cult of Stalin was an ingenious method devised by the man himself to convince the populace of his adequacy, leading on from the previous Cult of Lenin. The inflation of his image was built upon a foundation of insecurity: he’d found that Lenin himself had expressed that he was ‘not sure whether he will always be capable of using that authority with sufficient caution’ (from PowerPoint). This explains a lot of the exaggeration of his power, and the gradual shift from posing behind Lenin as his successor to standing before him in an act of supremacy. Stalin needed to prove to the public that he was worthy of succession.
The shift from state to Stalin was an escalation from the Cult of Lenin in many ways. Lenin was praised endlessly for his
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Common themes of the image that they maintained for themselves was the display of grandeur and longevity, as opposed to Lenin presenting the success of Communism, or Stalin’s succession of Lenin. The difference in direction between the tsars and the communist leaders comes from the Tsar’s security of their position of power. During Nicholas’ reign, it was still believed that it was the divine right of the king to rule, so the aim of propaganda was to remind their people of their right to rule, and to ensure them that their line would continue. An example of this is the lavish celebration of Tsarina Alexandra’s coronation; ‘The Russian celebrities Vasiliy Vasnetsov and Alexander Benoit designed watercolours for the menus of the festive meals. The composer Alexander Glazunov dedicated a cantata.’ the Russians, it represented the continuation of the Romanov line. With a new queen, there was now opportunity for children, and therefore a son to be heir. However, neither Nicholas nor his son ever needed to prove themselves as rightful successors, unlike Lenin or Stalin. The differences in both the purpose and method of propaganda prove that Stalin’s work in propaganda was not a continuation of their
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