Trotsky and Stalin Essay

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Trotsky and Stalin

I think that without Trotsky's contribution to the revolution it wouldn't of been a success I think this because Trotsky was put in charge of organising the revolution by Lenin and this might show that Lenin believed that Trotsky could do great things and this also means Lenin must of trust Trotsky as he picked him very carefully. I also think as this was a vital job Lenin must of thought that Trotsky was the best man for the job. Trotsky also had organised the Bolsheviks in Petrograd. He did this because it was the capital city and it was very important to take control of the strongest part first this showed Lenin that Trotsky was very clever.

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Trotsky played a vital part in the revolution and his sneaky plans worked and he had everything planned secretly from everyone.


I think the reason that Stalin and not Trotsky emerged as Lenin's successor because Stalin was a strong Bolshevik believer from the beginning unlike Trotsky who was a bit of a glory supporter and only came onto the Bolsheviks side when he knew that there was going to be a revolution happening in 1917 that he could be a part of. I think that if Stalin didn't know that a revolution could take place then he would of stayed a Menshevik supporter. Stalin also thought that if they started the revolution in one country (Russia) then they could get power in that country and then the army would have to join the Bolsheviks making it bigger to take over one country one by one. Whereas Trotsky believed that they should take over a few countries at once this was a very silly idea as they would not be able to pull it off as they were not quite big enough to do this and Lenin saw this.

Stalin was a very hard worker from the beginning to the finish and he was a very healthy man around the time that Lenin died whereas Trotsky was a sick man and he also still had that glory supporter nametag. Stalin was a very sneaky person he knew what he needed to do and he did well and truly when Trotsky

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