Cultural Anthropology : Human Nature

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Cultural Anthropology Assignment 2

Julie Kopp
July 28, 2015

Cultural Anthropologists view all aspects of human nature in order to generate an accurate representation of society. It is imperative that anthropologists engage themselves in fieldwork in pursuance to increase understanding among people of the world. Anthropologists found that by becoming an active participant rather than an observer, they are more likely to be accepted as a member. By becoming an insider, it allows the anthropologist to accurately view the range of cultural behavior within a society and draw a conclusion based on their findings, which in turn increases understanding among people of the world.

In the article “Shakespeare in the Bush,” it is apparent that Laura Bohannan visited African tribe, “The Tiv,” with a preconceived idea that the play Hamlet had one possible interpretation and that interpretation was universally known. As far as the Tiv’s culture stands, story telling is a meaningful art form of their culture. When Bohannan is given the opportunity to share one of her stories, she immerses herself into the play, Hamlet. It becomes evident that the points therein are not universal after all and despite efforts to explain central points to her audience, Hamlet began to loose its meaning. To many people in our culture, Hamlet is an illustrious play and is widely accepted with little or no difficulty. However, to people of another culture, such as The Tiv’s, concepts of

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