Cultural Appropriation In Culture

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Cultural Appropriation is the propensity of dominant groups exploiting the culture of less privileged groups generally with little comprehension,experience,history and tradition which is why it's considered churlish and derogatory.It is more common to witness members of dominant groups ‘borrowing’ pieces of cultures from the minorities such as Africans , Asians , Latinos, Native Americans and indigenous people in general.They are initially the main groups who predominantly appear to be the minorities targeted for cultural appropriation.The appropriation of clothing, hairstyles, cultural accessories and music tend to be what dominant groups’ borrow’ in which they attempt to deem culture as high fashion. Generally when a caucasian person borrows the culture of a minority group, they are often raised to a higher degree and praised more than an individual from that particular minority.This is not necessarily because caucasians use and borrow that material in a more creative way but simple due to the fact that members of that group tend to have a propensity to favour their own ethnicity more than others from minorities doing the exact same thing.Appropriation is seen as insulting because cultures of a minority are scorned for their creations however when a caucasian displays it ,they seem to get a positive label for example; a black person is punished and mocked for their originality ,often called ghetto and face negative generalization and stereotypes when wearing braids

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