Cultural Awareness Of Mexico

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Cultural Awareness of Mexico
Over the past few decades the culture of Mexico has undergone a tremendous transformation and it varies widely throughout the country. Many Mexicans live in cities, but smaller rural communities still play a strong role in defending the country’s collective vibrant community. With over 123 million people Mexico is the 12th most populous country in the world, in a July 2016 estimate, according to the Central Intelligence Agency’s (World Factbook), n.d.). According to the CIA, Mexico consists of several ethnic groups. The mestizo group accounts for 62 percent of the population. Predominantly Amerindian people or amerindian people account for 21 percent, while 10 percent of the population is white. These groups create a culture that is unique to Mexico. Here is a brief overview of Mexican Culture.
Languages of Mexico, today the overwhelming majority of Mexicans speak Spanish. According to the CIA, Spanish is spoke by 92.7 percent of the Mexican population. About 6 percent of the population speaks Spanish as well as indigenous languages, such as Nahuatl, Mayan and other regional languages. Mexican, Indigenous words have even become common in other languages, including English. For example, coyote, tomato avocado and chocolate all originated in Nahuatl.
Religions of Mexico, “Much of Mexican culture revolves around the church and religious values, as well as the concept of family and inclusiveness,” said Talia Wagner, a marriage and family

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