Cultural Characteristics Of The Russian Language

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Culture is very much like a clock. A clock runs smoothly when all its small pieces work together simultaneously, but without all the pieces, the clock would not be a functional object. Culture is defined as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Some characteristics that define culture could be language, religion, politics, and social structure. Russia is made up of a huge amount of cultural characteristics making it a unique country. Understanding a countries language is one great way to start building a relationship. This shows a foreign country or local national of a country that you have a genuine concern with wanting to build a strong trusting relationship by the effort in trying to communicate with them in their native language. Understand that it is very difficult to determine the exact birth or origin of any language. The Russian language believed to surface during the 10th century, when Russia split into southern, western, and eastern regions. The three regions came up with two different dialects known as Church Slavonic and East Slavonic. Combining the two writing styles came to form what is now the spoken language of Russia. When Peter the Great undertook to Westernize Russia in the early 18th century, the Russian language subjected to western influences and absorbed a number of foreign words. Peter was the first to reform and simplify the Cyrillic alphabet used for Russian language.

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