Culture and Worldviews

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Culture and Worldviews
Culture is a way of life. It can be defined as a group of people linked by geographical location, ethnicity, gender or age. Culture can be reflected through language, clothing, food, behavior, spirituality and traditions. The behavioral patterns developed through culture are difficult to change.
Cultures are formed from the human need for preservation and significance. According to unit 4's lecture on western thought worldviews and culture "culture is emergent and developmental: cultures are learned or invented through internal and external changes" (western Thought-Worldview and culture, 2013, para 3). An example of cultural traditions made-up through internal and external changes is the Thanksgiving Holiday. The Thanksgiving holiday is a national holiday that primarily is celebrated in North America. The original purpose of this holiday was to celebrate the harvest of the previous year and give thanks. Throughout the years the Thanksgiving holiday has transformed to celebrate food, love and family (western Thought-Worldview and culture, 2013).
Cultural knowledge has an impact on the way people within the culture view the world, interact with each other and make decisions. It is a collection of values and beliefs that hold a culture together. World views are not independent from culture. Worldviews are a set of primary viewpoints concerning reality. The fundamentals of a person’s worldview include beliefs about knowledge, the existence of God,
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