Cultural Differences And Personality Types Essay

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When a person announce their getting married, they say it with the hopes of eternal love of their future spouse. Not realizing that conflict occurs, but not with the spouse but the family members. Some of the conflict may be due to various cultural differences and personality types. Culture is the belief, custom, knowledge, rituals, language and other things that such as a way of thinking or life. As cultural differences is determine on what we believe. Mayer (2012) mentions, that beliefs are what’s important to an individual. And if the conflict arises, individuals take things personally because it becomes personal of what the individual believe is right as it may be wrong in the eyes of another person. So having the differences, others are not at the same level and conflict arises. Depending on how it’s manage depends on one’s culture norm and the impact on family gatherings. Therefore, one has to understand their own triggers and avoid them while interacting negatively with others. Coming from a culture that defined my beliefs and raised in a custom that model the definition of an extrovert, I oppose to the behavior of others. An extrovert is one that welcome others and treat them with alacrity, which is why, I became a target to be taken advantage of by my in-laws. My conflict is not only with conversations but those that impose their selfish behaviors onto others as well. As conflict are unavoidable, they are natural and necessary to grasp a better understanding of
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