Cultural Differences In Finding Her Way And Kylie's Project

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We are all equal. This statement is a phrase that many people, even in this day and age, have trouble fully grasping. No human is greater than another no matter the color of their skin or the beliefs in their heart. In the sources, “Finding Her Way” with Angela Park and, “Kylie’s Project,” the struggles of those facing discrimination through cultural differences and disabilities can be portrayed in a way that clarifies the viewpoint of the emotions and challenges many people have to go through. In the two texts, the reader can better understand how people who have cultural differences and disabilities must rise up against their hardships and fight against discrimination to prove that they are equal to everyone else. In the first source, “Finding Her Way,” a Korean woman named Angela Park is interviewed about her journey and struggles through life as an immigrant. She …show more content…

She tries to prove to others that she is equal to them and that her disability doesn’t make her different from anyone else. The text states, “ I don’t want to bring attention to myself. I just want to be treated like everyone else.” Kylie doesn’t want special treatment or extra attention just because of her disability. She wants to be treated equally. The text states, “But, Emily, I wasn’t talking about my disability. I was talking about what it’s like to be a rider. Get it?” She wants people to understand that she is not any different from anyone else. The extra attention and praise is something she takes as an offense because she wants to be treated just as the other kids in her class are. Her experiences with the way she has been categorized as disabled instead of treated the same as other people have demonstrated the different ways other disabled people might cope with challenges similar to Kylie’s. They might also feel like they have to prove to people that they don’t need to be treated differently or

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