Cultural Diversity : A Core Value At Tccc Essay

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4.1 Methodology
To reinforce company values by being actively involved and creating strong relationships in the community is a core value at TCCC. To ensure new candidates embody similar values, the company should scout for key traits that support its community-focused corporate culture during the recruitment process. For TCCC, the definition of global diversity should encompass an understanding of the differences between cultures and foster internal diversity. Support from top management and clearly communicating the business requirements for diversity and inclusion practices are also important.

4.2 Best Practices

Leadership Commitment
Diversity begins at the top and because of this it is important that the leadership of Coca Cola is committed to embracing, celebrating, and empowering diversity in order to get the rest of the organization aligned with embracing it as well. When we say leaders it includes corporate, middle management, and lower supervisory positions because one department or manager can’t change a culture on their own. Diversity must first be infused in the core values of the organization and this is where leadership commitment begins. It is important to connect and tailor diversity goals and initiatives to overall organizational strategy, mission, vision, and goals. Leaders can start by attending diversity seminars so they will be enlightened more on how to create a work culture that’s inclusive and diverse. Secondly, they can established a team
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