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Corporate Social Responsibility Plan


Thank you for allowing a platform for me to provide evidence as to why the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan would be beneficial to Geometric. The information that follows provides information and examples of CSR plans. There is evidence to support the cost effectiveness of these plans.
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information provided, I would be happy to address these at your convenience. .

Adopting a strategic Corporate Social Responsibility plan provides a business opportunities and possibilities for business growth, attracting employees and maintaining employee …show more content…

Coca-Cola has a commitment goal to “Create a culture where diversity is valued, every employee is a respected member of the team, and our workforce is a reflection of the communities in which we operate” Companies must make a commitment towards giving back to employees to ensure the viability and profitability of the business. Adopting a Corporate Social Responsibility plan will make any company more profitable. Implementing a CSR must start with becoming aware of the concept and what it means to be socially responsible to employees. This will form a solid foundation for understanding and developing a CRS plan dedicated to employee development.
Companies that offer training and career development, become an organization with employees that are more capable and willing to accept responsibility and control over the role they play as a part of the company’s success. Well-trained employees often need less supervision, leaving management more time to focus on other vital areas of the business. Additionally, a well-trained employee more often that not has a higher level of efficiency, and is prone to be more dedicated and have a vested interest in the growth and profitability of the organization. CSR will reduce costs and raise shareholder value by reducing turnover and creating a more marketable staff.
There are many advantages that will offset any expense incurred by implementing

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