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Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate ‘goal 's setting to determine whether or not Allstate has effective goal-setting programs
Allstate’s goal setting process is based on its diversity strategy. Allstate’s director of diversity remarks, the crucial question is, “how do you take this workforce of differences and bring them together in a more powerful way so that it can impact business result? “ (Hellriegel& Slocum, 2011, p. 215) With this in mind, Allstate has devised goal setting process which focuses
On four specific steps: (1) succession programming, (2) development, (3) measurement and (4) accountability and reward. These four steps definitely meet the model of goal setting as defined by Hellriegel and Slocum, …show more content…

It is one of the measuring used to foster tools diversity beyond the recruitment phase; binding Allstate’s initiative to increase customer retention and sales, enhance management accountability and produces a richly diverse family of employees, whose talents and potential are fully utilized (Caywood, C ., 1997). The Diversity Index is a proven tool for competitive advantage because it measures the effectiveness of their new diversity strategy concept of leveraging differences. In years past Allstate has viewed diversity as a legal obligation placing their focus more on affirmative action and diversity awareness. Today, however, they have a more successful and positive viewpoint; incorporating diversity into all aspects of their business processes to include decision making and product innovation. It is an integrated approach which incorporates diversity in the mainstream workforce by linking recruitment, development and retention strategies to business processes. The effectiveness of this strategy is measured twice a year using the Diversity Index Survey. The survey probes employees for answers to questions that measure the effectiveness of the organization’s diversity strategy. The employees’. The employees’ answers are analyzed and used to create action programs to resolve problems and

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